Immigration and Business Consultancy for Canada

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Bulgaria, being a member of the European Union, provides potential investors with many unique benefits:

  • Invest in Bulgaria, become resident of EU member country
  • Fast track process, 6 to 9 months within legislative framework
  • Government approved investment and available financing options from Banks
  • Special exemption from physical residency enforced with legislation
  • No language requirements
  • Unique benefits towards European citizenship for investors and their families
  • Highly-skilled labor force at Europe’s lowest operational cost
  • Free movement within Schengen countries after accession
  • Strategic geographic location, linking Europe to Asia, Middle East and Africa
  • Favorable tax rates and free trade environment within EU
  • Competitively priced healthcare and education
  • Visa free travel for Bulgarian passport holders
  • It is estimated that 157 countries and territories granted visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to Bulgarian passport holders.

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