Immigration and Business Consultancy for Canada

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Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), is designed to help entrepreneurs establish their businesses in Saskatchewan. To qualify for the program, applicants are assessed on the following criteria:

- Verifiable net worth valued at over $300,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD);

- Minimum three years entrepreneurship or relevant senior management experience;

- Proven intent to establish residence and active minimum investment of $150,000 in Saskatchewan

- Make a of CDN $75,000 and sign a Performance Agreement based on Business Establishment Plan. Refundable Good faith depositDeposit will be refunded when conditions of business establishment met within 2 years of landing in Canada.(CDN$2,500 deposit shall be payable at the time of filing the application)

- Submit a Business Establishment Plan

- Make a minimum, verifiable investment of CDN $150,000 into starting a new business or buying outright an existing business, and have an active management role in the day-to-day operation of the business;

- If you own less than 1/3 of the business, then your total investment must be worth at least $1 million CAD.

- Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors can qualify under this category.

- Over aged dependent children up to the age of 29 years can be included with some conditions

Making an Exploratory Visit to Saskatchewan

After a SINP Business Immigration officer reviews your pre-application, you may be invited to make an exploratory visit to Saskatchewan, which includes attending an interview.  An interview is not obligatory but may be required upon review of file by the SINP.

Business Establishment Plan

The Business Establishment Plan (BEP) is used by the SINP to determine whether or not an Applicant meets the Entrepreneur Category eligibility criteria and has a genuine intent to settle and do business in Saskatchewan. A BEP is a brief summary of a planned business venture. It will outline the most important details of your business idea; how it will be run and broad expectations or outcomes.

Nomination and Next Steps

1. Sign a Performance Agreement (contract) and make a deposit of $75,000 into a Trust Account through the Scotia bank main branch in Regina

2. Forward the original Federal Immigration Forms, Landing Fees and any other outstanding documentation to Saskatchewan Immigration, who will then forward the package to the appropriate Canadian Embassy.

3. The Canadian Embassy reviews the file, conducts Security, Criminality and Health check. They may also request an interview.

4. If a Permanent Residence Visa is granted, you have 2 years from the date of landing to fulfill the requirements of the Performance Agreement. Once your investment has been verified in the business area you proposed, your $75,000 CDN deposit will be returned to you.

For updated information regarding SINP business category please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .