Immigration and Business Consultancy for Canada

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Canadian employers can recruit foreign workers on the basis of skill shortages they fill. For the successful Canadian business venture, Canadian employer may not find candidates with required skills in Canada and it may be essential to hire foreign worker. Foreign workers fill labour shortages in Canada and bring new skills to help the Canadian businesses succeed.

Before foreign worker start working in Canada, in most of the cases they must have a valid work permit to work in Canada. The employer who wishes to hire foreign worker, needs to follow certain procedures before foreign worker applies for the work permit.

Submit an application for a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) to the Service Canada Centre for processing applications. Before confirming a job offer, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada(HRSDC) considers the following :

The job offered by the employer to the foreign worker is genuine or not;

The wages and working conditions offered to the foreign worker are comparable to those offered to Canadians in the similar occupation;

Whether the employer has conducted reasonable efforts to hire or train Canadians for the said job before such an offer of employment to the foreign worker;

The foreign worker is filling a labour shortages and candidates with such skills are not available;

The employment of the foreign worker will directly create new job opportunities or help retain jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents;

The foreign worker will transfer new skills and knowledge to Canadians; and

The hiring of the worker from abroad will not affect any labour disputes

If you wish to hire foreign workers and would like to know about the process please send us an email on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.